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Local Dessert & Coffee

Who we are...

Welcome to Cafe Taiyaki 52

We are a Halifax based dessert cafe offering Japanese inspired waffle called Taiyaki. It is a fresh baked waffle in a fish shape that comes with variety of fillings of your choice. At Taiyaki52, every ingredients are carefully chosen using only the best local suppliers in Halifax.

What is Taiyaki? 

Taiyaki (たい焼き) is a traditional Japanese dessert that resembles Western waffle or pancake. The word "tai" translates to sea bream and "yaki" means baked or grilled. It is claimed to be originated from a small store in Tokyo in 1909. Taiyaki is now widely sold worldwide becoming many people's comforting food that helps to get through a cold, brutal winter. The traditional taiyaki is filled with sweetened red bean (azuki アズキ) paste. Today, taiyaki comes in various batter, flavours and fillings that is catered to everyone's taste. 

Taiyaki Waffle

It is time for waffle lovers to explore a new & fun dessert experience. Taiyaki 52 brings a dish full of fresh fruits, sweet chocolate, soft whipped cream and crispy & fluffy taiyaki with your favourite filling. Check out our menu for more details!


Taiyaki Ice cream

Our main dessert item features the best quality soft-serve ice cream that in signature flavours of Matcha & Mango. Our ice cream differentiates itself by adding our own creation of unique Taiyaki Cone with sweet filling inside! Come on in and try our most instagrammable dessert. 

Enjoy our fun dessert at the comfort of your home. Make your family dinner special with the dessert that everyone enjoys. Taiyaki52 provides take-home Taiyaki that will create memorable moments with loved ones. Happy laughter, pleasant talk over our sweet flavourful dessert... Sounds good?